A simple conversation can have a big impact.

Together, let’s welcome every new neighbour.

A wave hello can go a long way.

Together, let’s welcome every new neighbour.

A smile is the same in every language.

Together, let’s welcome every new neighbour.

Friendship starts with a few kind words.

The feeling of community is universal, and so are the gestures that build it.

Our communities are becoming more diverse, with people of all backgrounds adding their experiences and perspectives. When we welcome newcomers, we welcome new ideas and new opportunities. Supporting newcomers means we are building a society with unique perspectives, voices, and lived experiences, which strengthens the fabric of our communities and helps us foster a diverse and inclusive province. Together, let’s welcome every new neighbour.

how to get involved

Ways to welcome new neighbours to your community:

Initiate conversation with newcomers and share information about your community
Take time to learn someone’s name, and the proper way to pronounce it
Connect new immigrants with your friends and colleagues with similar professional background
Challenge a racist joke, generalization or stereotype
Offer a new neighbour flowers or vegetables from your garden
Invite newcomers to community events, birthday parties, or potlucks
Be open to learning from others: everyone has something to offer

1 in 4

people in Canada were born in another country

1.69 million

people were welcomed to Canada as permanent residents from 2016 to 2022

In 2022

The three most popular countries people immigrated to Canada from:  India, China, Afghanistan


Immigrants from over 150 countries settled in Ontario in 2021 and 2022

1 in 3

Canadian businesses are owned by an immigrant


of Canada’s population growth by 2035 will come from immigration


international students are studying in Canada’s post-secondary institutions

1 in 4

health care workers are newcomers to Canada

How were you welcomed to your new community?

We joined a community group and served an Eid lunch. People loved it. After, the mayor came to thank us.
— Iqbal & Tahseen,
Key people in the community encouraged me to have conversations and be myself. A newcomer always needs someone to talk to and feel like they are safe.
— Jeema,
I moved to this area in 2018. I love this place. I love the people here and I love being able to spend time outdoors. I feel part of this community. Grey and Bruce has opportunities.
— Manpreet,
Owen Sound
When we arrived, we stayed with a woman who became like our mother. She was so wonderful. She showed us the town, introduced us to people, and helped us find work.
— Moncy & Nikitha,

Find out about welcoming events going on in your community:


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